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This company is new, starting in 2016. Ken Zhang founded it with the goal of making excellent online slot machines. To do this, he hired talented artists and designers. They have offices in Malta, like many online gambling companies, and also in mainland Europe and North America.

Right from the beginning, their main focus was on mobile casino games. Instead of adjusting desktop games for mobile use, they only worked on mobile games. These mobile games are not just smaller versions of desktop slots; they are unique games in their own category.

Dive into Pocket Games – Discover Exciting Games Now

Dive into Pocket Games - Discover Exciting Games Now

Although Pocket Games doesn’t offer an extensive range of slot games yet, they are consistently introducing new ones. As highlighted earlier, all their slots are exclusively crafted for mobile users. Desktop players can still enjoy them, but the game window won’t take up the entire screen.

We won’t delve into specifics about each slot here, but we’ll provide essential information about their games below.

Jungle Delight

Meet Jungle Delight, a video slot game with five spinning columns, three rows, and 20 fixed pay lines. To win, you need three to five matching symbols in a row from left to right. You can enjoy the game on your computer or phone, with betting options ranging from 0.20 to 200 credits. With medium risk and a 96.03% chance of winning, the game promises a fun experience. The jungle background, lemur animations, and lively music, especially during free spins, add to the excitement.

Embark on a fruity adventure with Jungle Delight’s stacked fruit symbols like blueberries, grapes, star fruits, apples, bananas, pineapples, and melons. If you get five of the same kind, you can win anywhere from 2 to 50 times your bet. A split coconut acts as a wild symbol in the middle reels, and there’s a wooden box that works as a mystery symbol. Watch out for tribal totem scatters – they trigger special features, adding an extra layer of excitement to your Jungle Delight journey.

Ganesha Gold

Pocket Games presents Ganesha Gold, a slot game featuring 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 paylines. It boasts an impressive design and comes with exciting features like free spins and multipliers. While it might not have elaborate features and revolves around a less common theme, it’s a remarkable creation from the studio. Hinduism, with a rich history of over 10,000 years, might not be a popular theme, but for those curious, Ganesha Gold in free play mode is definitely worth a spin.

This game offers a solid RTP of 96.08%, a bit higher than the average in the industry, and operates with medium risk. It’s a game of luck where the chance of a big win increases when the deities decide it’s your moment. Similar to many slots, the symbols with lower payouts include playing cards, followed by flowers and candles. The most valuable symbol is the elegant Indian lady, providing a substantial 150x payout when appearing five times on a payline.

Symbols of Egypt 

Symbols of Egypt has a familiar layout, featuring 5 reels and 3 rows, like many online slots. Players can choose how many paylines they want to play, making it customizable. The game takes players back to ancient Egypt with carefully crafted symbols and detailed graphics of pharaohs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics. The background music and sound effects make the experience even better, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Considered a medium-risk slot, Symbols of Egypt strikes a balance between regular payouts and the chance for bigger wins during bonuses. It accommodates different player preferences with a flexible betting range. You can start with a minimum of 0.27 if you’re on a budget, and go up to a maximum of 54 if you’re aiming for substantial wins. With a theoretical RTP of 96%, players can expect to get back 96 for every 100 wagered over time, making Symbols of Egypt a versatile and enjoyable slot.

Medusa II

Long ago, Athens was a sacred place, but now it’s haunted by an evil force. The ancient ruins bear witness to those who succumbed to the deadly allure of Medusa. Become the courageous Greek warrior Perseus, navigating through these eerie fields in a 5-reel, 3-row, 30-line slot. Confront Medusa, trigger free spins, and brave the perilous Bonus stage. Defend yourself against her attacks, using your weapons for a chance at wilds and big wins.

In Medusa II by Pocket Games, you’ll find a 94.96% RTP, making it a game with an average return for players. With medium volatility, expect decent-sized wins happening quite often. It’s a good choice for those who enjoy a bit of risk and have budget limitations. While taking on the challenges in Medusa’s lair, seize the chances for victories and come out victorious in this mythical slot journey.

Tree of Fortune

Legend has it that a farmer got a seed from a deity and was told to nurture it with his sweat for 49 days. Following divine advice, the tree turned into a stunning sight, producing golden ingots. The story teaches the value of hard work. During Lunar New Year, red packets decorate tangerine trees as symbols of good luck. Trigger free spins when Red Packets appear on the Fortune Tree and explore the Bonus Feature for a chance at significant rewards hidden behind Golden Packets. Immerse yourself in the magic of this 30-line title and uncover the potential riches of the majestic Fortune Tree.

In Tree Of Fortune by Pocket Games, you’ll find a 95.01% RTP, making it an average return-to-player game. Falling within the RTP range of 95% to 96.49%, it provides moderate volatility. This gives players a balanced experience with moderate-sized wins happening at a moderate frequency. It’s a great choice for those looking for a mix of risk and budget-friendly gameplay.

Mobile Gaming Excellence – Advantages with Pocket Games

Mobile Gaming Excellence - Advantages with Pocket Games

Playing casino games from this exciting company brings several unique benefits:

  • Awesome Mobile Graphics: Enjoy top-quality graphics in mobile casino games, immersing yourself in a visually stunning gaming world.
  • Tailored for Mobile Users: Specifically designed for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless gaming experience with touchscreens in mind.
  • Compatibility Across Devices: Play on any mobile device, whether it’s iOS or Android, ensuring you can enjoy captivating titles on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Exciting Jackpots: Anticipate thrilling opportunities to win big with frequent massive jackpots, adding extra excitement and potential rewards to your gameplay.
  • Innovative Gameplay and Features: Go beyond the ordinary with creative gameplay and innovative features, providing an engaging adventure that keeps you entertained for hours.

Safeguarded and Certified – Ensuring Player Security

Safeguarded and Certified - Ensuring Player Security

When it comes to online gambling, ensuring safety and security is crucial. This company takes player protection seriously, holding the necessary licenses and adhering to rules from reputable authorities. They prioritize transparency and fairness, ensuring everyone can enjoy the games safely.

Trusted Credentials – PG Soft’s Commitment to Safe Gaming

In the online gaming scene, Pocket Games has received approval from significant regulatory bodies. They’ve earned recognition from the strict UK Gambling Commission, known for its stringent oversight. This commission is highly regarded and widely trusted in the gambling world. PG Soft also received approval from the Malta Gaming Commission and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. These licenses demonstrate that Pocket Games is genuinely dedicated to providing online gamers with a secure and dependable place to play.

To boost player confidence, Pocket Games went beyond obtaining licenses – they secured validations and certifications from well-known entities in the gambling testing field. BMM and GA, two major players in this industry, carefully evaluated PG Soft’s games and platform, giving their approval. This confirms that Pocket Games is conducting operations in the right way, ensuring players can trust that the games are fair and reliable.


While PG Soft specializes in mobile gaming, some titles may also be accessible on desktops. However, their focus remains on delivering an optimal mobile gaming experience.

Pocket Games (PG) holds licenses from reputable bodies and has received certifications from leading gambling testing organizations like BMM and GA. This ensures that their games adhere to industry standards of fairness.

Absolutely! Pocket Games (PG) ensures full compatibility across a range of devices, including iOS and Android. You can enjoy their captivating games on smartphones and tablets seamlessly.

Yes, PG Soft prides itself on innovative gameplay and features. Their games go beyond the ordinary, offering players creative and engaging experiences that set them apart in the online gaming world.

Pocket Games (PG) aims to keep things fresh and exciting. While release frequencies can vary, they strive to introduce new and captivating titles regularly, ensuring players always have something to look forward to.


Pocket Games (PG) at Milyon88 offers a dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience. With a focus on mobile gaming excellence, PG Soft provides visually stunning graphics and innovative features. The company’s commitment to fair play is evident through reputable licenses and certifications, ensuring a trustworthy environment for players. From exciting jackpots to frequent game releases, Pocket Games (PG) continues to deliver entertainment that caters to a diverse audience at Milyon88 slot.

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