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Over-Under betting market

The Over-Under betting market is a popular market for sports betting that is often found in soccer matches due to how low-scoring the games are. This market isn’t meant for players to say that they’re showing their support to certain teams or players and certain bettors can take full advantage of this market for parlays.

What is the Over-Under Market?


Over-Under is a betting market focusing on the number of goals or points for traditional sports while esports typically focus on the number of kills per map or total number of rounds won per map. For all instances of over-under, the match winner doesn’t matter so bettors only need to have a good idea on how many goals will be made or how many rounds a team will play.

Bettors will be given a certain threshold to bet on and they’ll need to bet on whether the total number of goals, points, or kills will go over or under that threshold. The common thresholds are the following:

  • Over or Under 2.5 for soccer
  • Over or Under 12.5 for Team Totals (Rounds)
  • Over or Under 4.5 for Team Totals (Goals) for soccer favourite
  • Over or Under 0.5 for Team Totals (Goals) for soccer underdog
  • Over or Under 10.5 for Team Totals (Kills) for underdog
  • Over or Under 18.5 for Team Totals (Kills) for favourite
  • Over or Under 140.5 for basketball

Why Use Over-Under Markets

Team Totals Over-Under

Over-Under is by far easier to win in than moneyline bets when the odds are close as long as bettors have an idea on how well both teams will score. Additionally, Pinnacle offers Over-Under for teams to make over or under a certain score threshold so even if they lose, bettors only need to bet whether they’ll make it over or under the threshold.

Written below are some of the best reasons to use Over-Under for betting.

Not Betting on the Outcome

Betting on over-under eliminates the need to bet on the match’s outcome, unless when betting on Winner/Total Goals where players need to bet on who will win and whether the total number of goals will be over or under a certain threshold.

Bettors who have absolutely no idea on which team will win can instead have a 50/50 chance of winning a bet through over-under. Several soccer games can end up finishing with over 2.5 goals being scored per match. If all else fails, bettors can base their bets on the odds.

Option for Team Totals

Over-Under kills

The Team Totals version of over-under still gives sports bettors a chance to support a team they’d want to bet on for moneyline by betting whether or not they can make a certain number of goals, score a certain number of points, or make a certain number of kills in a map or match. This is great for esports matches when the number of kills don’t matter on the overall outcome since a match can end with the winning team having less kills when they get lucky with creeps or minions accomplishing the main objective or a player gets lucky and exploits a base’s weakness and finishes the match while the others are still clashing.

Good for Parlays

Because over-under is fairly easier to win in than moneyline, many bettors can use this for parlay betting. Setting up multi-leg parlays using this market on certain matches gives bettors a significant chance of winning big after racking up a few winning over-under bets even if the odds are low.


Milyon88’s over-under market under Pinnacle offers a lot of variety for different bettors, with the option to bet on one team making a certain number of goals/points/kills being a good option. This way, even if a team loses the match, as long as the Totals bet there meets the winning conditions they win. Additionally, this is a fairly safer bet than moneyline.

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