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Jili Gaming is widely recognized for being a top-tier game provider, celebrated for developing visually impressive and captivating slot games. Their outstanding collection includes popular titles like “Jewel Land” and “Dragon Pearl,” designed to enchant players with vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay. Jili Gaming is dedicated to providing a fully immersive gaming experience, making it the preferred choice for passionate slot enthusiasts. Explore our catalog, find your perfect match, and delve into an exciting gaming adventure.

Why Pick Jili Gaming?

Why Pick Jili Gaming?

Slot machines are widely favored by gamblers and can be found in both traditional casinos and their online counterparts. In physical casinos, the number of slot machines is limited by the available space on the casino floor. On the other hand, online casinos, especially those powered by multiple gaming providers like JILI, can offer a broader selection of online slots. This means that players signing up with platforms like Milyon88 slots can enjoy the exciting experience of playing Jili Gaming with a greater variety of options.

Who is JILI Gaming Provider?

Meet the Gaming Pioneer

JILI is a well-known gaming provider, specializing in creating Jili Gaming, fishing, and card games exclusively for online casinos. Their commitment to crafting top-quality original games is clear, driven by a dedicated pursuit of excellence supported by their development team’s impressive 20 years of experience in creating unique games.

Aiming for Excellence and Growth

Focusing primarily on the iGaming scene in Asia, specifically Hong Kong and Indonesia, JILI aims to become a global presence. The company is determined to expand its reach beyond Asia, bringing its outstanding gaming offerings to a wider audience.

Salient Attributes of Jili Gaming

Every Jili Gaming creation possesses unique attributes that significantly enhance their popularity. These encompass enthralling themes, immersive soundtracks customized for each machine, high-definition animations, and the integration of cutting-edge HTML5 technology, ensuring a seamlessly responsive gameplay experience on various mobile devices. JILI remains unwavering in its dedication to furnishing online casinos with a selection of the most exceptional games available for their discerning clientele.

Prime Selections – Games You Cannot Miss at Jili Gaming

Prime Selections - Games You Cannot Miss at Jili Gaming

Roma X

Enter the coliseum with “Roma X,” an online slot showcasing a formidable female warrior engaged in a fierce battle with a lion. This creation from Jili Gaming features 15 intricately designed paylines, a complimentary gaming session, and an enticing bonus round.

Successfully conquering paylines 4, 5, 6, and 7 will reward players with 3, 5, 10, and 20 complimentary games, respectively. Within these free spins, achieving victory on specific paylines can result in additional rounds of free spins.

In the bonus round, initiated by the appearance of three BONUS icons, players assume command of the warrior in a gripping encounter with the lion. Players have the choice to either launch an attack or fortify their defenses, with each offensive or defensive move depleting 1 stamina. The game culminates when stamina reaches zero, and the payouts per action are as follows:

  • Dual swords: 1:20
  • Single sword: 1:10
  • Lion: 1:3

Night City

Embark upon a sojourn through “Night City,” an online slot immersed in the enchanting theme of a Shanghai night. This 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win masterpiece from Jili Gaming introduces Special Wilds that gracefully expand, accompanied by free games unlocked through the allure of Scatter symbols.

The ethereal Special Wild symbol graces the initial three reels, elegantly expanding both vertically and horizontally. It’s noteworthy that subsequent instances of the Special Wild do not partake in such expansive theatrics. Analogous to their Wild counterparts, Special Wilds do not serve as substitutes for the Scatter symbols.

Night City’s entrancing free game bestows a baseline of 10 liberating spins, with the count ascending in accordance with the quantity of Scatters:

  • 5 Scatters: Scatters x 1 + 1 per round = 10 free spins
  • 6 Scatters: Scatters x 2 + 2 per round = 24 free spins
  • 7 Scatters: Scatters x 3 + 3 per round = 42 free spins

Take note: The cap for the free game is set at 50 spins, affording ample opportunity for accumulation throughout the enthralling round.

Crazy 777

Immerse yourself in the allure of “Crazy 777,” an exceptional online slot by JILI Games, drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of classic machines. This 3-reel slot showcases a distinctive addition – a specialized reel positioned to the right, introducing a singular payline and an array of supplementary bonuses.

The symbols adorning the special reel are nothing short of extraordinary:

  • 10x, 5x, 2x multipliers: Elevate your winnings by the corresponding multiplier
  • $+, $+: Enhance your winnings based on the bet, elegantly displayed above the specialized reel
  • Respin: Fortuitously acquire 1 to 5 respins at random intervals
  • The classic reels themselves feature a selection of unique symbols, namely the illustrious “777” variations:
  • 7 = Bet/3 x 100
  • 77 = Bet/3 x 200
  • 777 = Bet/3 x 1000

Note: When an amalgamation of diverse “7” symbols graces the reels, the payout stands at Bet/3 x 40. The amalgamation of these special symbols and the unique reel configuration renders this classic slot machine not only aesthetically pleasing but also remarkably lucrative, presenting avid gamblers with ample and rewarding opportunities for victory.

Your Effortless Experience

At Milyon88, we pledge to orchestrate an expedition of gaming that is both seamless and delightful. Our interface, designed with finesse, ensures an experience devoid of complications and hindrances when immersing yourself in the world of Jili Gaming. Whether you find yourself in the novice stages of slot engagement or stand as a seasoned participant, the art of spinning the reels, fine-tuning your bets, and savoring the excitement that accompanies each unfolding event is effortlessly facilitated.

Indulge in Play at Your Leisure

Partake in the joy of Jili Gaming at your leisure, regardless of your location. Our platform effortlessly functions on both desktop computers and mobile devices, offering you the liberty to engage in play whenever a spare moment presents itself. Whether within the confines of your abode, during a respite, or in anticipation of a companion, the realm of Jili Gaming graciously awaits at your fingertips.

Playing Fair and Keeping You Safe

Your safety is our main concern. At Milyon88, we use strong security measures to protect your information and create a safe gaming environment. Our games are designed to be fair, making sure every player has an equal chance to win. Enjoy your favorite slots with peace of mind, knowing that fairness and security are our top priorities.

Join Today and Start Spinning

Join Today and Start Spinning

Now is the time to become part of the Milyon88 Live Casino community and dive into the excitement of Jili Gaming. With a variety of games, easy-to-use features, and the chance for big rewards, there’s no better moment to begin spinning the reels. Sign up today and let the fun start as you enjoy your favorite slots!


Jili Gaming is renowned for creating engaging and visually stunning online slot games.

To become a part of the Milyon88 community, simply register on the platform and start enjoying the games.

Yes, Jili Gaming’s games are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for both new and experienced players to enjoy.

By playing Jili Gaming, you have the potential to earn substantial rewards and enjoy the thrill of winning.

Yes, the gaming platform operates seamlessly on both computers and mobile devices, offering flexibility for players to enjoy games anytime, anywhere.


Jili Gaming at Milyon88 provides a varied and exciting gaming experience. With a wide selection of captivating slot games, easy-to-use interfaces, and a strong commitment to fairness and security, Jili Gaming stands out in the world of online casinos. Players can enjoy these games on both computers and mobiles, making them accessible anytime, anywhere. Focused on delivering a safe and enjoyable gaming environment, Jili Gaming at Milyon88 Live Casino is an excellent choice for those seeking thrilling adventures and the chance for big rewards. Don’t miss out—join the Jili Gaming community today and dive into the excitement!

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